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Rockie Fresh – Electric Highway Review

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PrintThe Maybach Music Empire is not giving any rest to the game. The marathon still going after an incredible year for Rick Ross crew. This time around, the latest act signed to the label was still unheard for the core fan base of MMG. Under the MMG imprint , the 17 year old rapper from Chicago has finally released his first mixtape this year. Following the previous work ”Driving 88” and ”The Otherside:Redux” that caught the ”Boss” attention’s for most of the people it’s going to be their first look at the youngest in charge.


From the outset Rockie attempted to set the tone on the tape with the first song ”The Future” with an half inspirational and half reflective speech through a singing hook and respectable bars. The first 4 tracks of the mixtape will give you a insight of what the rapper musical taste are looking like for the rest of the tapes. You’ll find out he is standing by himself in his own lane in the group. Actually, no one will be able to say he’s falling under the typical MMG‘s over materialistic cliché. Also, he doesn’t pretend to live a life he doesn’t that’s why on records like ”Life Long” as he collaborates with Rick Ross and Nipsey Hussle he spits regular quotable as: My style is all natural, my vibes is all factual. On the other end, he separates himself from the regular rapper by his relationship with Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boys that are both alternative rock bands. We can definitely feel the alternative vibes on songs like ”Lights Glow” and ”I’m Ready”. The bass and guitar involved in the instrumentals provided gives a pretty good feel to the lay-back ambiance of the tape. The beat selection in the tape was probably the best thing about the tape even though Rockie’s flow might lack of energy from times to times, the Electric Highway title would be for out of space beats like ”Nobody” on which the sample used from the UK electronic’s producer ”Breakage” that shaped the song to make it listenable to another non-typical fan base of the Chicago rapper. Productions is incredibly well choose and we can tell his influence coming from other musical genres. The most involved beatmaker is The Gift that provided most of the highlights on the tape. Thereby, we’ll definetely not put him in the same box than the typical Chicago rapper that is out right now, he is definitely not in the same lane than the Chief Keef‘s and the GBE boys despite their relative young age.


The first look we get on a new artist like him on his project is mostly important. Everybody might assume he will fall under that wild type of ignorant rapper coming out of Chicago nowadays but he is standing above all of them and the mixtape is a great look for the city and MMG. You might not like the whole project but on Electric Highway there is room for almost every listener to have a couple of great picks on this mixtape. Rockie Fresh is staying on topic and despite his nomination to the XXL’s Freshman that might be his opportunity to be officially part of the next guys coming up during the next year, he doesn’t really belong there for now. As far as I’m concerned, this wasn’t my first listen to him, but it’s this project caught my attention, we want to hear him over different types of productions to see how he would fit, Self Made 3 probably. Shoutout to Rozay, he knows how to pick artist and share the limelight with them.



I’m Ready—A+

Life Long ft. Rick Ross and Nipsey Hussle—A+

Show Me Sumthing(ft. Sasha Go Hard)—A

Nobody’s—A(Beat Is Off The Chain)

Superman OG(ft. Lunice)—A


Overall: 7,5/10

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