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Pusha T-Wrath Of Caine Review

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00-coverAs we all got our opinions on who’s the hottest group in the game right now. Taking the lead as the aspiring contenders for the throne G.O.O.D Music’s shogun is the first artist out of his group to release his free project. Wrath Of Caine, is the prelude to his anticipated album that might be one of the most anticipated album for this year. For what Pusha has claimed, the mixtape direction was toward his own feelings and the expectations from his core fan base. Let’s unwrap the Virginia’s package to see if the hype was at the heights of his body of work.


During the past weeks, the Clipse member teased the crowd with a couple of teasers from the actual mixtape. One of the actual honorable release was the visuals for the reggae driven song. Prior to that, the intro and most part of the skits and sample make us part of his journey. Re-inventing his craft over the years the now self proclaimer of the ”New God Flow” is putting his rap ability to crush the competition.

”Now everybody so 80′s and 90′s inspired, but none of you niggas 80′s and 90′s rhymin’/You laptop hot, just internet warm/ download for download don’t get caught in my storm/F*ck nigga you just internet porn/ now we aint gotta fake it no more the line’s drawn” (Intro)

The half member of the Clipse gathered different element to bring the best out of the mixtape. His first step in the game under the imprint of Star Trak, the long time fans will appreciate ”Revolution” on which he raps on a no-chorus Neptunes beat. With only 10 tracks, one of the best verse coming from Rick Ross on ”Millions” for a tough trap beat with no one else than Southside and Kanye West on the beat. The second time these 2 working together on a same beat, we can remember that duo made a great combination on ”Ilest Motherfucka Alive” on the WTT(Watch The Throne) album. Standout chorus apparition from French Montana, Troy Ave and Kevin Gates that did a great job in assisting Pusha at his task. Probably not the originator of the ”audio dope” concept, he was one of the best to do it in his generation.

”I could show you all the ways in which crime pays, my drugs raised a multi-million dollar crime 00-cover-backwave”(I Am Forgiven)

One of the best thing about Pusha’s flow is you can feel something through his lyrics. Mr. New God Flow, is not giving any spares on his punchline on which he raises his voice to command.

”There’s a meaning to the kissing of the ring,the Gods don’t mingle with the mortals”(Doesn’t Matter)

The recipe for this mixtape seems good enough to brought back the limelight on Pusha T at a stage of his career where the recognition of his talent hasn’t been shown yet . Wrath Of Caine is putting together the dope dealing aspect from a true perspective and a rap metaphor. Hopefully despite the label criteria, he’ll be able to reproduce something as precious for ”My Name Is My Name”.

”Word to Pusha T and that’s legal drug dealin’, Oh God, what a feeling!”—(Curren$y – Showroom)




Doesn’t Matter(ft. French Montana)—A+

Millions (ft. Rick Ross)—A+

Trust You(ft. Kevin Gates)—A+

Road Runner(Troy Ave)—A+

Only You Can Tell It(ft. Wale)—A+







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