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ASAP Rocky-LongLiveAsap Review

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asap-rocky-long-live-asapWho said you can live forever lied, and now after quite a long time since his first mixtape ”LiveLoveAsap”, the Harlem’s front man has released his first major album. ”LongLiveAsap” was already leaked almost a month before his official released date. Anyhow, time has come for his real fans to get the real hype about the album that already was already heard due to the inconvenient of the internet shortcuts. Asap Rocky, that is definitely one of the outstanding artist out there, gathered all his craft to put in work a project full of gritty and precious surprises for the crowd.


Within the help of his previous individual work and his ASAP Mob project, he already established himself as an individual starring in his own lane. Clear as a mirror reflection, Asap doesn’t fool aayone by being the new trendy fashion leader he’s representin’. Starting up the parade with the album titled song ”LongLiveAsap” on which he set the groovy tone for the album. Far from beeing   a radio streamed artist, the first single released of the album ”Goldie” has been on the airwave since the past Spring. In addition to his mainstream catalog, he delivers the solid banger ”Fucking Problem” on which he teamed up with: 2Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. For all that, the aim of Asap is restraining in another direction for most of the project on which his real fan base will be more attracted to his chopped and screwed ad-lib and fast pace raps on which he delivers his best verses. In effect, songs like ”PWM”(ft. SchoolBoy Q), ”LVL” and ”Pain”(ft. OverDoz) on the album correspond a little bit more from the raw ASAP we’be been hearing on his previous critically acclaimed project ”LiveLoveAsap” in 2011. Although, the production on ”Phoenix” on which he delivers 2 reflected verses on which he uplifted his raps as he raps: Bloody ink on my pad spelled suicide/Michael Jackson even passed cause you scrutinized/Fuck Illuminati lies, say I’m lucified/Baptized in the gutter, motherfucker you decide/. The unranked 2011 freshman’s is taking us on a journey we’ll all enjoy through the different instrumentals provided by Skrillez, Hit-Boy, Clams Casino, Jim Jonsin and T-Minus. He be that ”Pretty Motherfucka” and his raps might sound corny to some but he is living his truth and nothing else.


Pretty Flacko is definetly separating himself from others with his own style that got him his deal after only 1 mixtape. His character is allowing himself to be a real trend setter like every single Harlem rapper has been in the game. Subject matter, despite his pretty simple raps, and the designer names dropping all over the verses he delivers allows him to definetely crossed him from the ”Swag-Rapper” some use to put him into. His genuine interest for fashion mixed with his  coast to coast influences is making the album something that could be a press play album with no fast forward on it. As soon as you get into it, he sets you in the proper mood on which you would rather be under the influence if you want to catch the good vibes from it. Despite the leak, the album is a go and the fans shouldn’t have an issue purchasing the project which is a musical art piece. ASAPPPPP!



1Train(ft.Big Krit, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$)  A+  — YOUNGEST IN CHARGE

PMW(ft. SchoolBoy Q)—A+


F*ckin Problem (ft. 2Chainz, Drake and Kendrick Lamar)—A




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