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Juelz Santana-God Will’N Review

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I won’t say back like he never left, but he is definetly what the game’s been missing. We were all patiently waiting for Juelz to come back with a cool breeze of fresh air. God Will’N is the project that should eventually determines his relevance to the game. On his own now, as I often call hit, Dipset’s youngest in charge has to brought back the limelight on himself. The hype was built around the tape for quite  few times, now let’s see what he had to bring to the table.


Within couple days before the release of the mixtape, Juelz released a couple of singles through his differents appearances on FunkMaster Flex. Despite, the released of songs like ”Soft” featuring heavy hitters such as Fabolous, Rick Ross and Meek Mill, that didn’t make me such a believer due to the copy paste sound of the track. On the other hand, his solo effort on ”Sho Nuff” that was released afterwards as a snippet. Call it how you wanna call it, comeback or not, he’s coming to cover the ground missing as he raps: You can run, you can hide, you not at all safe/ Hope you got insurance I be in all states(WHOOAAAAAA). In Juelz quest to bridge the gap between the old him and the new trending topics in the game, he is partnering up with youngsters that were probably influenced by his wordplay in his early career. As a result, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Reese respectively got him changing flows on ”Everything Is Good” and ”Bodies”. Undeniably attached to his roots, we got the best out of Juelz along his long time partners and coast allies. Along with ”Sho Nuff”, ”Bad Guy” and ”Nobody’s Safe” are the best verses delivered by Harlem’s own. Besides that, Juelz rather keep the beats to himself because at a certain point his bars are at a all time high when he gets to cover at least 2 verses on a song. In spite of that, collaborations of Future, Wale, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne and Lloyd Banks still brought a good final product for your everyday riding around songs. A more apologetic Juelz showing his growth on ”My Will” giving an insight on a personnal perspective. Hats off, to Jhalil Beats(”Nobody’s Safe”), Buda Da Future(”Sho’ Nuff”) and Sha Money XL(”Black Out” and ”What I Want”) on the beats.


In that case, most of the old Dipset fans just happy to see Juelz back on the map. It was about time and his whole character as been missing to the game. This mixtape is definetly not incredible, but he’ll be able to keep his buzz living for quite a good time until the  release of ”Born To Lose, Built To Win”. At the heights of my personnal expectations, just believe the free material he just released is enjoyable for everyone who is an awaiting fan of his coming up album. The hope relieves in the Dipset camp that still push the legacy further with Juelz coming up while Cam’ron and Jim Jones letting him point guard the team. No worries, it’s sounding like a mixtape but never doubt the potential of Santana and make sure you watch his next moves, eventually more visuals for obvious single like ”Nobody Knows”, A!!

G-Note: That track with Lloyd Banks should’ve went harder than this




Sho Nuff—A+

Bad Guy ft. Jadakiss—A+

Nobody Knows ft. Future—A

Black Out ft. Lil Wayne—A

Nobody’s Safe—A





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