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Joe Budden-No Love Lost Review

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Joe Budden - No Love Lost Album Art (Front)All promotions is good promotions as long as you are being talked about. In Joe Budden’s case, it worked out pretty well since his involvement in the infamous reality show Love & Hip-Hop. Already 10 years strong in the game, always underrated and his voice heard by a fan base well deserved for all the years it took him to get a good following crowd. The quarter piece of Slaughterhouse, that is mostly recognized for their core hip-hop sound, is taking his talent to another platform this time around. His last solo radio-friendly material was in 2003, back when ”Pump It Out” and ”Fire” were out.


No Love Lost, has the titled mentioned  is the new Joe Budden that gets to open on different issues we all get to see every Monday on VH1. Despite all the backlash of his appearance on the show at first, it reveals to be a pretty much good aspect to boast the momentum of the Jersey rapper. First single released back in October, is another copy version of typical single with a throwaway Lil Wayne verse and a déjà-vu production style responsible for the past DJ Khaled and Dj Drama summer anthem(I’m On One/My Moment). Regardless, his album labeled as a commercial one had to gather a couple of cuts from than lane so he hooked on a more decent performance on ”Top Of The World” along with Kirko Bangz on the autotune. The personal addiction issues addressed by Joe on his TV screening time are also revealed in a distinct manner.joe-budden-nba-cover

”Was under the control, though they warned me about addiction,Mind anifested again in the form of a prescription./And it’s funny what the effects of that little pill’ll do/Funny shit that keeps you alive can also kill you.” (RunAway)

Also on the forefront of previous and current high profile relationship with the model Tahiry, his unbearable behavior with women is also shown on the album. The mileage of conversation on the subject is adressed in many different way. The love/sex talk is well perceived on records such as ”Switch Positions(ft. Omarion)” and ”Tell Him Something”. Therefore, we witnessed the greatness of SlaughterHouse as a group and the combination is not that magical on ”Skeletons” on which Joell Ortiz and Crooked I gathers 3 nice verse over a flat dead beat. Subject wise, Joe covers the most ground possible but as mentioned the inappropriate production didn’t compliment Joe’s lyrics.

”You think he cared? No, y’all used to share clothes/Now you struggle for rent and he got ice in his earlobes/Your man won’t even extend a hand even though his career gold”(Ghetto Burbz)

In this game, it’s either you reinvent yourself either you don’t move with the trend and you stick to your basic fan base that Joe had since 7-8 years already. In this case, Joe has been able to transform his craft on a mainstream platform. His attempt to extend his fan base will probably allow him to get more exposure but the transition seems a bit too forced on a couple of cuts. His performance wasn’t bad at all but the beat selection on the album was the decline of the overall achievement of the album. If not, ”No Love Lost” won’t fail to get him a bigger exposure and shows his growth as an artist and an individual addressing real life situations.




NBA(ft. Wiz Khalifa and French Montana)—A

Ghetto Burbz—A+

Tell Him Something—A+

Last Day(ft. Lloyd Banks and Juicy J)—A

Top Of The World(ft. Kirko Bangz)—A




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