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Are You Still Loving The Crew?

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Couple months ago, Birdman declared the most popular crew at this moment YMCMB will be putting out 100 albums in the current year.  .The exaggerated number was not taken seriously by most of us, and still questioning how would it be possible. The William’s  brother hustle, unmatched in the music industry, has allowed the brand to to expend over the years thoughout their mains acts(Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga). With a lot of unactive players on their roster, is the four main acts will be able to keep up with the competition who taking more ground as the time? Are you still lovin the crew?


In effect, YMCMB is still the most sucessful group/label in the game with their starting 5 consisting of: Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga and Dj Khaled.

1-Lil Wayne; The self called best rapper alive has started a new breed of rappers with a lot of elements in his raps. We won’t be able to say the same thing now that he hass reached that level of success that allows him to do what he wants…probably the only reason why it’s not a reasonnable reason to bash him for that skateboard stuff. Anyhow, his previous personnal records were lacking the Wayne we’re all been a fan of back then, but the past is the past and we can’t go back. Wayne has branded himself to a bigger audience why the aka changed from ”Birdman Jr.” to ”Tunechi”. Anyhow, he still able to deliver music for the crowd which is still ”ProWeezy” and he could give a damn about the people who don’t understand his ideology behind it, he aint got no worries.

2- Drake; has blew up off a mixtape and his downfall is far from being across the door. His latest release in 2011, ”Take Care” has been a major W for the him and Canada overall for putting more exposure on the talent next door to the USA. The guest verses served on ”Pop That”, ”Stay Scheming” and ”Amen” were able to only bring more excitement to his next release this year.

3- Nicki Minaj; What’s understood ain’t got to be explained, and she is currently the most successful artist on the label. The billboard charts became her second home, with the release of several hits singles and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded that was released for a second time as a Re-Up in November with some new joints. In addition to her growth, the ”Barbie” brand has extend to the release of her own fragrance and her role on national TV along with Mariah Carey on ”American Idol”. In any case, as long as hip-hop is need one QUEEN on the forefront of the game, she’d be holding the crown for many years coming.

4-Tyga; After quite a few ups and down at the start of his career, he is not an established element in the Cash Money roster. After his mixtapes grind from 2009 until last year he had the body of work but the only thing missing for him was the club or mainstream attention for himself. With one of the best stripclub anthem in 2011, ”Rack City” propulsed his career to the level he wanted to be able to release a solid album that had mainstream hits on there. One thing about Tyga he will be able to keep his crew on the map quite easily with his ease to make catchy hook records with a lullaby to ride to. Many collaborations project to expect from him in 2013, Fan of a Fan 2 with Chris Brown, and his 2nd solo album ”Hotel California”

5-Dj Khaled; To compliment the globalization of the YMCMB empire, Khaled was probably the greatest addition Birdman’s made in the past year to make sure the movement would be a vicious circle. The Khaled tactic is to come out every summer with compilations album that includes all the hottest act at this moment of the game. Already 6 albums deep, he can guarantee at least 3 summer jams for everyone to like and ride to it. Furthermore, his own label ”We The Best” add a couple of artists like Mavado and Ace Hood, that will be able to cook up at any time a hit record matters of momentum. 

In the other hand, there’s still a lot of bench warmers in the team. Unfortunately, from the new signees to the ”Karl Malone’s” of the team, I don’t see any other major come ups for the label in the next years. Hopefully each one of these artists will find their own lane but with that much artists on the label they better get their hustle on.


Gudda Gudda, T-Streets, Jae Millz, Short Dawg and Cory Gunz—Their individual grind won’t lead to a major debut this year, but they are still able to promote their own work.

Busta Rhymes and Mystikal— The game has changed, y’all did your time and a comeback is going to be hard for these old heads.

Bow Wow and Shanell—Just like Bow Wow, even though Shanell is a great songwriter, she needs to find another position on TV, or find a second hustle that could benefit her and the label.

Lil Twist and Lil Chuckee—The’re still too young and while they are growing up in the game hopefully they will both get inspire to become the best they can be around all the great mentors in the team.

G-Note: We’re still waiting for ”Bigger Than Life” Mr. Stunna



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